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Reply Jazeki, January 1st, 2018, 12:13 pm

Chloe's birthday is in March, but I like this stupid picture.

Anyway. So, I had a long, hard think over the past year or so and it's time to say goodbye to LA instead of leaving it on hiatus forever. I started LA a million years ago in 2009 as a graduation present to myself. Over the past nine years, it's been restarted and has changed artistic hands several times. It was originally a commission and I don't have money to continue to pay for it, nor does the artist have time to draw it.

I'm leaving the story up for everyone to read if they want and if you want to read the ORIGINAL written version or the updated and unused scripts, please feel free to send a note to my inbox here, note me on tumblr at cooljazsheepie, or bother me on my deviantart.

I may do a revised light novel version at some point and if I do, I will link it here.

If you want to read about tired, jaded adult Chloe and James and their obnoxious child, Breakfast on a Cliff will still continue to update. You can read that over here: It does contain minor LA spoilers because I like parallelism. You can also read some silly things over on my DA if you want. They're in their own special Love, Annotated folder.

I love you all very much and I want to thank you for being with me all this time. I wouldn't have even got this far or even shared anything if it weren't for you readers and the other important peeps who know who you are.

Please have a safe and happy 2018! Thank you again!


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Reply Jazeki, January 13th, 2018, 11:15 pm

@HalfAssedChaos: Thank you! I will always appreciate how you consistently commented and your business advice. I hope you're doing well!

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Reply HalfAssedChaos, January 2nd, 2018, 9:04 am

It was fun while it lasted! Best of luck to you in the rest of your endeavors Jazeki!

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