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Chloe Anne Davis

Chloe Davis Birthday: March 13
Age: 19
Family: mother, father, older sister
Likes: Shopping, fashion, puppies and kittens, reading, artsy stuff, Creme Brule, the color periwinkle, chick flicks, girly stuff in general, boys, The Signet, school holidays, music, parties, weekends.
Dislikes: Homework, chores, being alone, conflict, strenuous outdoor activities, sports, unhealthy things
Declared Major: British Literature
Best Subject: Shakespeare
Worst Subject: Physical Science
Career Goals: Fashion Magazine Columnist

James Casey Okimura ("Saki")

James Okimura Birthday: October 17
Age: 20
Family: mother, step-father
Likes: Lucky Strike cigarettes, editing, reading, risky activities, dessert, music, girls, cars, fluffy things, The History Channel, stability, "alone time."
Dislikes: Change, competition, early mornings, classes, group activities.
Declared Major: Corporate and Managerial Writing
Best Subject: Advanced Rhetoric and Composition
Worst Subject: Calculus
Career Goals: Undecided

Ryoko Ichihara

Ryoko Ichihara Birthday: April 4
Age: 19
Declared Major: Graphic Design
Best Subject: Flash Animation
Worst Subject: Philosophy
Career Goals: Advertising Specialist in Graphic Design

Milo Jason Pierce

Milo Pierce Birthday: February 8
Age: 20
Declared Major: Literary Criticism
Best Subject: American Literature
Worst Subject: Creative Non-Fiction
Career Goals: Archivist/College Professor


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